Gomselmash dealership

Gomselmash dealership


The market success of Gomselmash machinery is a result of a high quality and reliability of the products. The brand achieves excellent results upon ongoing technological modernisation of its production processes and technologies, progressive construction solutions, implementation of innovative approaches based by maximizing the creative potential of all employees.


Gomselmash today

Gomselmash holding is an international company operating worldwide. Individual states where it operates are like a perfect-fitting jigsaw puzzle

  • Belarus – Gomel – major manufacturing facilities
  • Gomel area in Svetlogorsk – production of cutting mechanisms and cutter bars
  • Russian Federation – Bryansk – joint Belorussian-Russian venture Bryanskselmash, which produces combine harvesters and threshers for forage crops in collaboration with Gomselmash
  • Argentina – Gomselmash branch
  • Czech Republic – Gomselmash branch
  • China – Joint Belorussian-Chinese enterprise
  • Russian Federation – Tatarstan and Kazakhstan – joint venture producing harvesting machinery for cereals

Gomselmash is planning to develop joint ventures in Ukraine and in the European Union, and is also working on launching its own manufacturing production in Latin America.

Competitive advantages of Gomselmash machines

  • many years of experience in research and development of agricultural machinery
  • implementation of latest advances in research and development
  • high-potential creative team
  • stable and flexible production

Agricultural machinery

  • combine harvesters and complex systems for harvesting cereals, grain corn, rape, forage crops, sugarbeet, potatoes and linen
  • reapers and soil cultivation machines
  • self-moved combine harvesters and complex systems from 210 to 450 HP
  • trailed and carried machines with energy intensity between 50 and 450 HP

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