Hinged lip

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Hinged lip

NDK – S 2.5 is a hydraulic dock leveller with folding hinge contact lip driven by electro-hydraulic unit. It is made of high-quality construction steel, the platform and contact lip are made of non-slip metal of higher quality. The leveller meets the CE requirements of standard ČSN EN 1398.

Key characteristics

  • The platform is lifted by a robust hydraulic piston rod with 65 mm outer diameter and the contact lip is lifted by Ø 40 mm piston rod.
  • Colour finish – black, red, blue; we can also supply different colours upon request.
  • The dock leveller is fitted with side protection sheets to prevent nipping.
  • The leveller automatically copies the motion of the loaded surface during loading and unloading.

Hinged lip


The dock leveller can be connected to a multi-function control unit on industrial gates or via our separate control box designed specifically for this leveller.

Control box features

  • Main switch.
  • Manual operation key.
  • Key for automatic return of the leveller to its default position.
  • Motor protected against overload.
  • Input for gate status control – leveller/gate blocking.
  • Input for default position end limit switch – switches off the oil valve without the need to turn off the main switch.


Technical desctiption

  • The base frame is made of construction steel reinforced both in lateral and transversal direction.
  • The platform and contact lip are made of quality grade 11 non-slip metal.
  • The hydraulic unit is fixed under the platform – less prone to damage.

Technical data

Lenght: 2500 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Construction height: 600 mm
Load: 6000 kg
Contact lip length: 400 mm
Motor power: 0,75 kW
Effective voltage: 400V/50Hz/3A
Effective pressure: 120 barů
Operating temperature: -35°C až + 55°C
Operating range: up – 380mm
down -300mm




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